Spring 2023【英】托福獨立寫作 TOEFL iBT Independent Writing

Spring 2023【英】托福獨立寫作
TOEFL iBT Independent Writing

開課時間 週一 15:30 – 17:10 (2023/04/17-2023/05/15) , 總時數: 10小時。   
開課教師 洪舶堯 老師 (Po-Yao Hung)
Email: louisdicaprio@gmail.com

使用 Google Meet遠距授課 (一對一諮詢在教室進行)
Online course with Google Meet (The student-teacher conference will take place in a classroom.)

課程對象 限含清大大二以上及研究所學生 Sophomores and above.
報名資訊 報名時間: 2023/03/16 09:00 至 2023/04/10 09:00
人限: 20人(報到滿10人方開班)※報名及出席率規定(請務必詳閱)
點我報名   報名狀況   初選結果


The workshop aims to help students respond to the questions in TOEFL independent writing, and to introduce writing skills to students. In the workshop, students learn how to complete an essay from making a draft to structuring well-organized paragraphs.
The lecture will be given in Chinese.
Students are required to participate in in-class writing activities.





1 04/17 1. 托福獨立寫作考試題型介紹 
    Introduction to TOEFL independent writing
2. 英文文章結構
    Structure of English essays
3. 獨立寫作例題討論:Environment
    Independent writing practice: Environment
2 04/24 1. 獨立寫作例題討論:Education
    Independent writing practice: Education
2. 常見文法錯誤
    Discussion on common grammatical errors
3. 單字、句型討論
    Discussion on word usage and sentence patterns
3 05/01 1. 讓步與反駁 
2. 開頭與結尾的其他寫作方法
    Other writing methods for introduction and concluding paragraphs
3. 單字、句型討論
    Discussion on word usage and sentence patterns
4 05/08 1. 總複習
    Overall review
2. 獨立寫作例題討論:Choice between perspectives on life
    Independent writing practice: Choice between perspectives on life
5 05/15 一對一寫作諮詢
Student-Teacher Conferences (one on one)


Materials prepared by the lecturer.


Educational Testing Service. (2017). The Official Guide to the TOEFL Test  (5th ed.). New York: Mc Graw Hill Education.