Spring 2023【英】托福口說 (A) TOEFL Speaking and Practice (A)

Spring 2023【英】托福口說 (A)
TOEFL Speaking and Practice (A)

開課時間 週四Thur. 12:10-14:55 (課間休息15分鐘)(2023/03/09-2023/04/13, 4/06放假),
開課教師 林玉書 老師  (Teresa Lin)
Email: teresa.indiana@gmail.com
地點 遠距授課採用Microsoft Teams每堂上課前會用email的方式通知學生相關教材。
※online course: Microsoft Teams; email students class materials each time before the class.
課程對象 希望提升托福口說或一般英文口說能力的學生。
Students who want to take TOEFL speaking test or students who like to enhance their English speaking ability.
學生來上課者必須想要開口說英語並願意跟另一位同學配對或2-3位同學配對 會試學生需求及課程而做調整
※Students who want to join this class must be willing to speak English, pair up with the other student, or work in groups. The instructor will adjust this requirement depending on the students’ needs and the course’s goals.
課程內容多請自行攜帶平板筆電等來上課, 這邊會準備一台筆電和平板借同學。

If your self-esteem is fragile and cannot accept any suggestions from the instructor, please email her before the class to help her understand you better and how to adjust the class for you accordingly.
This course suits students who rate their English proficiency by themselves between 50 to 80 out of 100. (Students whose self-rated English ability is more than 80 and below 50 are recommended to study English by themselves by this instructor.) The instructor will give feedback and correction on students’ English.

報名資訊 報名時間: 2023/02/09 09:00 至 2023/03/01 09:00
人限: 20人(報到滿12人方開班)※報名及出席率規定(請務必詳閱)
點我報名   報名狀況   初選結果



目前招生以遠距授課方式及教材: 採用Microsoft Teams,每堂上課前會用email的方式通知學生相關教材) 建議下載在其程式APP且用學校信箱帳號登入,而不是來賓身份。

This course will introduce key factors of good English speaking: pronunciation, linking sounds, intonation, stressed and reduced sounds, fluency, and accuracy. The instructor will give introduction of 4 types of TOEFL speaking questions and ask students to practice how to brainstorm, make outlines to respond to questions, write and speak summaries to synthesize ideas together so as to train students’ fluency and accuracy in TOEFL Speaking.

※Course Language: The instructor will be mainly speaking English and only little Chinese. The subtitles on the slides will be English while there will also be some Chinese characters to make students understand better.

※Homework: After each course, students will be given an easy task to do.

By doing this, students can practice more at home to stimulate their thinking in answering TOEFL questions more spontaneously. The instructor will also comment on students’ homework.

※ Please bring your own laptop or tablet, etc. to this class. The instructor will lend a laptop and a tablet to you if you don’t have one.

※online class: Microsoft Teams; the instructor will email students class materials each time before each lesson. If possible, please download the APP of Microsoft Teams and log in by using the email account provided by NTHU.





1 03/09

-獨立口說練習(練習自然問答對話贊成反對辯論對題型的構想 概要練習回答的反應流利度老師的示範)
作業1:回家自我錄音:老師提供的音檔 1次獨立口說練習練習並上傳雲端

Introduction of TOEFL Speaking:
-How to enhance your English speaking ability
-key factors: pronunciation, linking sounds
-TOEFL independent speaking task:(practice speaking in conversation, debates, brainstorming ideas, making outlines to respond to questions more naturally together with the instructor’s demonstration)
Homework1: self-record your own voice by imitating the sound from the audio file provided by the teacher and record a TOEFL independent task 1,and upload this homework to the Google Drive.

2 03/16

作業2:回家自我錄音: 老師提供的音檔,(或可藉由模仿英文歌曲影集對話,或任何英文聽力/閱讀網站練習)並上傳雲端

TOEFL Independent Speaking:
-key factors: stressed sounds
-task1: answering techniques+ templates (students pair up, work in groups, or talk on the stage)
-imitation and shadowing (the instructor’s demonstration)
Homework 2: self-record your own voice by imitating the sound from the audio file provided by the teacher and record your own imitation of any English songs, conversation, or any audios on authentic English websites and upload it to the Google Drive.

3 03/23

托福整合口說介紹: 題型2
-講好英文口說的其中要素: 語調,弱化音
-閱讀,聽力後口說(關鍵字/摘要/釋義/引言/整合訓練) (老師的示範)
作業3: 回家自我錄音:回家聽/讀並口說成摘要練習並上傳雲端(老師提供資料)

-Introduction of TOEFL integrated task 2
-key factors: intonation and reduced sounds
- speaking after reading or listening (key words, summary, paraphrase, citation, and synthesis) (the instructor’s demonstration)
Homework 3: self-record your own voice by speaking the summary from the passage and lecture and upload it to the Google Drive.

4 03/30

托福整合口說介紹: 題型3
-講好英文口說的其中要素: 字組與停頓
-口說1分鐘聽讀摘要學生報告 (老師的示範)

-Introduction of TOEFL integrated task 3
-key factors: thought groups and pausing
-students’ oral reports on one-minute talk together with the instructor’s demonstration
- answering techniques for task  3

5 04/13

托福整合口說介紹: 題型4
- Introduction of TOEFL integrated task 4
-listening and speaking training: voiced and voiceless consonants and pronunciation of the grammatical endings
- listening training based on different English accents from the U.S.A., the U.K., Australia , and New Zealand.
- One complete practice of TOEFL Speaking test


參考資料:國外網站線上資源 Bruce, R. (2006). The Complete Guide to the TOEFL Test (4th ed.). Boston: Heinle, division of Thomson Learning