Spring 2023【英】雅思口說(A) IELTS Speaking(A)

Spring 2023【英】雅思口說(A)
IELTS Speaking(A) 

開課時間 週三Wed. 13:20-15:10(2023/03/01-2023/04/12, 4/05放假day off),總時數:12小時
開課教師 蔣光煌 老師(Kevin Chiang)
Email:  khc72003@gmail.com
地點 遠距教學
Distant learning via Google Meet or Microsoft Teams
課程對象 大學部或研究生有意增強英語口說能力、獲取雅思口說高分、出國交換、進修、工作的同學。

Undergraduate or graduate students who are willing to enhance their oral communication skill, gain band 6.5 or above, fight for opportunity of exchange program, advanced study abroad, or broaden their horizon, etc.
報名資訊 報名時間: 2023/02/03 09:00 至 2023/02/20 09:00
人限: 20人(報到滿12人方開班)※報名及出席率規定(請務必詳閱)
點我報名   報名狀況   初選結果


課程包含講授與討論,講授部分以中文為主,討論部分均為英文。The instruction will be conducted both in English and in Chinese. It will be majorly in English throughout discussion session.
除了提供部分影片、講義作為教材之外,每位同學也要大量的參與討論、充分應用自身的知識、字彙、表達能力、對事物的看法,善用英語溝通之目的。The students will be required to join discussion to share their level of vocabularies, knowledge, expression capability, views on different topics, to reach the purpose of enriching their communication skill.





1 03/01 雅思口說考試介紹 Introduction to IELTS speaking
    考試內容  Content
    評分標準  Band criteria
    實力研討  Tips for high score
2 03/08 一般性問題 General Questions
    支持延伸  Supporting
    常見主題  Frequently asked questions
3 03/15 小演說 A Short Talk
    開場白、本文、結尾 Opening, body, closing
    應答技巧 : Tips for high score: timing, circle, variation
    常考主題
4 03/22 雙向討論 Two-way Discussion
    常見問題:Frequently asked questions
    高分秘訣:Tips for high score
5 03/29

綜合練習General discussion
    開口說英語 Speak in English
    影片與討論 Video and discussion
    實戰練習 Practice

5 04/12 綜合練習(老師驗收與檢討)
General discussion(review)

上課教材Course Materials

Self-edited material to be uploaded to eeclass before class session