Spring 2021【英文】新聞英文寫作 (A) /English News Story Writing (A)

Spring 2021【英文】新聞英文寫作 (A)
English News Story Writing (A)

開課時間 星期二 15:30 – 17:20 (2021/3/23 - 2021/4/27),,總時數:12小時
開課教師 李康莉 老師
Email: strawnana64@gmail.com
上課地點 教育館104
課程對象 不限年級系所,對新聞英文閱讀與寫作感興趣者,皆可報名

報名時間: 2021/02/24 08:00 至 2021/03/21 10:00

人限: 20人 ※報名及出席率規定(請務必詳閱)

點我報名 報名狀況


1.    認識新聞標題的特殊句法,能為新聞下吸引人的標題。
2.    能嘗試運用英文修辭技巧(如成語、譬喻、典故),為英文新聞寫出精彩的導言。
3.    增進對新聞英文句型與特殊句法的掌握。
4.    透過討論與分析時事議題的相關報導,掌握新聞英文報導類型與架構,學習各領域專門術語,累積英文詞彙。
5.    提升英文閱讀與寫作技巧,豐富寫作詞彙,累積文法知識。


How to write a impressive English news article or news story?
After this workshop, I hope my students can:
1.    Master the special structure of headlines and are able to write a beautiful one.
2.    Try to use rhetoric, idioms, analogies, terms or rhetorical questions to write effective leads for a news article.
3.    Increase the understanding of special use of grammar and sentence structure in the news articles.
4.    Through discussion and analysis of news reports or feature stories of current issues, grasp different styles and structures of news writing. Accumulate the knowledge of special terms in diverse fields and increase general vocabularies. 
5.    Greatly increase English reading and writing skills; enrich grammar and word choices.

* There will be in-class writing practices. Occasional take-home assignments are optional.
* The lecture will be conducted in both English and Chinese. Chinese is allowed in group discussion.





1 03/23 標題(1) Headline (1)
    Types and samples of headline   
2 03/30 標題(2)  Headline (2)
    News structure and reading strategies
3 04/06 成語、術語、典故(1) Idiom, Term, Analogy (1)
*課堂練習 Exercise
4 04/13 成語、術語、典故(2) Idiom, Term, Analogy (2)
*課堂練習 Exercise
5 04/20 導言(1) Lead (1)
    Types of leads and writing techniques
6 04/27 導言(2) +本體 Lead(2) +Body
    Writing techniques and reading samples




New York Times, The Economist, Business Week, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Wallstreet Journal, BBC News