Fall 2020【英文】英文履歷與面談(A)/ Job/Advanced Opportunity Application - English Resume and interview (A)

Fall 2020【英文】英文履歷與面談 (A)
Job/Advanced Opportunity Application - English Resume and interview (A)

開課時間 Tue. 13:20 – 15:10 ( 2020/9/29—2020/11/03),總時數:12 小時
開課教師 蔣光煌 老師
上課地點 綜二201
課程對象 有意爭取進修、交換、假期工作、畢業求職、工作轉換、提昇英文溝通能力,儲備未來能量的大學部及研究所學生。

報名時間: 2020-09-04 08:00 至 2020-09-22 10:00

人限: 20人(報到滿12人方開班) ※報名及出席率規定(請務必詳閱)




※ The instruction will be conducted both in English and in Chinese. It will be majorly in Chinese throughout discussion session. However, during the practice session, you will be asked to use English only.
※ All students will be required to complete practice on their job application paperwork.





1 9/29 工作需求與個人期望配對 – 求職過程:
Matching of work requirement and personal expectation – process of job application:
  1. 履歷與求職函撰寫 Resume and other application letters
  2. 面談 Interview
  3. 爭取就業條件 Better offer
  4. 期望的公司資料蒐尋 Dream job information searching
2 10/6
  • 履歷書寫原則與實作 Resume writing principles and practice
  • 履歷常用字彙 Frequently used vocabularies
3 10/13 求職相關函件 Job application letters:
  • 履歷修訂與求職函寫作 Resume revision and application letters
  • 後續感謝與推薦函 Thank-you note and recommendation letter
4 10/20 面試的準備工作 Interview preparation:
  • 自我介紹 Self- introduction
  • 蒐集資料 Data collection
  • 準備應對 Question and Answer
5 10/27 面試英語Q&A -常見的問題與應答
English interview Q&A – Frequently asked questions and answers
6 11/3 綜合討論與演練
General discussion and rehearsal


教師自編講義 Self-edited handout